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Why an expensive full-frame DSLR is not for you

A number of my friends dream of the day they will save enough money to own an expensive, full-frame DSLR. One friend has gone so far as to abandon his point-and-shoot and swear off photography. For him, it's either full-frame or nothing. As I often point out, for most people, gear

Nikon D750 named Camera of the Year 2014

Popular Photography has declared the Nikon D750 Camera of the Year for 2014. It came out ahead of a number of amazing cameras and even outperformed the mightier professional series cameras from Nikon and Canon. The Nikon D750 is targeted towards semi-professional to professional photographers. It is an attractive body for

Ridge shot of the first ascent of Mustang Himal

Jon Mancuso was part of the first ascent of Mustang Himal, along with Melissa Arnot and Ben Jones. This is a 6,279 meters/20,600 feet high, previously unclimbed mountain in the Mustang region of Nepal. In such extreme places, the weather plays a great part in determining how good your shots are.