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Photos of 10 Amazing and Mostly Unknown Mountains

Rainbow Mountains China

We come across a lot of photos of the Alps and the Himalayas, but there are so many other hidden gems in the world. Check out these pictures of 10 amazing places on earth that you likely have yet to see: 1. Bungle Bungle Range, Australia 2. Fairy Chimneys, Turkey 3. Cerro Torre,

Ridge shot of the first ascent of Mustang Himal

Jon Mancuso was part of the first ascent of Mustang Himal, along with Melissa Arnot and Ben Jones. This is a 6,279 meters/20,600 feet high, previously unclimbed mountain in the Mustang region of Nepal. In such extreme places, the weather plays a great part in determining how good your shots are.

Wyoming time-lapse videos of weather and landscape

Wyoming time-lapse

Photographer Nicolaus Wegner has traveled the vast and beautiful expanses of Wyoming and compiled some stunning time-lapse videos. After 20,000 miles and 150 days in the wild, here is the amazing stuff he managed to come up with: These days, it isn't too difficult to create some nice time-lapse videos of

Boat and Ice

Ice and boat

There is something really special about this photo that caught my eye. Shot by Майк Рейфман, it combines the distant wilderness with our exploratory past. The sailboat is not something we see often these days. I'm unable to trace where this was taken. Such glaciers, right next to the sea, are