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100 year old frozen negatives from Antarctica

Anatactic expedition ship photo

The Antarctic Heritage Trust was restoring an old expedition hut in Antarctica. Inside the hut, they discovered a box of frozen negatives that had been preserved for a hundred years. The cellulose nitrate negatives were encased in a block of ice and had to be carefully thawed. A century of

Rare photos from partition of India and Pakistan

It was the greatest mass migration in human history. In 1947, the Indian subcontinent gained independence after one and a half centuries of British rule. The resulting partition of India created the two countries of Pakistan and current-day India. Over a million people migrated across the newly created borders. Muslims towards

Colorized historical photos get a new dimension

Japanese archers 1860 color photo

Check out these historical and memorable, black & white photos that have been colorized. The process has breathed new life into them and given them that extra dimension that we can better relate to. The Hindenburg disaster, 1937 Nikola Tesla Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway, 1880 Japanese archers, 1860 Charlie Chaplin, 1916 Mark Twain Hydrogen