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22 Celebrities as 19th Century Generals

General Steve Jobs

Historic generals have always captured our imagination. They have been romaticized, in large part thanks to the uniform, and accompanying decorations. And when it comes to uniforms, the 19th century witnessed some of the most swanky ones. Today's celebrities are no less adored, often portraying historic figures, or imitating their appearance.

Top 10 photos of 2014 by TIME Magazine

This was a year filled with tragedies, as well as some heartwarming moments. TIME Magazine has picked the top 10 photos of 2014. Here they are: 1. The selfie to end all selfies Ellen Degeneres wanted to take a selfie with Meryl Streep at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. Bradley Cooper insisted

10 Mysterious Photos Yet To Be Explained

Long before Photoshop, photographers found ways of manipulating images through various lighting, film and darkroom techniques. There are countless mysterious photos circulating on the internet that claim to be authentic, but are easily confirmed to be fake. Some however, are decades old and after years of scrutiny by experts, remain

Lasers ruin Canon 5D Mark III sensor

Canon 5D MkIII full frame sensor

Let this be a warning if you are anywhere around lasers. They can easily destroy the sensor on your super expensive camera. That's what happened to a Canon 5D Mark III in this video: The damage happens at around the 0:03 second mark, just when a laser rips through it. In