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Optimize JPEG photos for best quality

Optimize JPG tool

JPEG, or JPG, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, has become somewhat of a standard for sharing photographs online. It offers excellent quality, good compression, and a reasonable file size. Yes, it is a lossy format. That means that you can optimize it, at the expense of some information

22 Celebrities as 19th Century Generals

General Steve Jobs

Historic generals have always captured our imagination. They have been romaticized, in large part thanks to the uniform, and accompanying decorations. And when it comes to uniforms, the 19th century witnessed some of the most swanky ones. Today's celebrities are no less adored, often portraying historic figures, or imitating their appearance.

Photos of 10 Amazing and Mostly Unknown Mountains

Rainbow Mountains China

We come across a lot of photos of the Alps and the Himalayas, but there are so many other hidden gems in the world. Check out these pictures of 10 amazing places on earth that you likely have yet to see: 1. Bungle Bungle Range, Australia 2. Fairy Chimneys, Turkey 3. Cerro Torre,

100 year old frozen negatives from Antarctica

Anatactic expedition ship photo

The Antarctic Heritage Trust was restoring an old expedition hut in Antarctica. Inside the hut, they discovered a box of frozen negatives that had been preserved for a hundred years. The cellulose nitrate negatives were encased in a block of ice and had to be carefully thawed. A century of

Nikon D750 named Camera of the Year 2014

Popular Photography has declared the Nikon D750 Camera of the Year for 2014. It came out ahead of a number of amazing cameras and even outperformed the mightier professional series cameras from Nikon and Canon. The Nikon D750 is targeted towards semi-professional to professional photographers. It is an attractive body for