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Magical Time Lapse Video of Greek Island


Zakynthos is one of many amazing Greek islands that is a dream for any photographer looking to make a time lapse video. Whether it is the beautiful sandy beaches, or the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, Polish cinematographer Maciej Tomków captures it all. Check it out here:

What did it take to capture this masterpiece? Just spending 840 hours on the island, traveling 2,000 kilometers, and shooting for 28 whole days. It didn’t stop there. Post-production of the 3 Terabytes of time lapse footage captured, took almost 400 hours.

The amount of effort and dedication that went behind the fabulous time lapse can be seen in these photos:

Greek island milky way timelapse

time lapse Greek island Zakynthos

Zakynthos time lapse

Behind the scenes footage:

Have you tried your hand at time lapse videos? Although they do require a lot of effort, they aren’t that difficult to make. And the rewards are well worth it. So get out there and start shooting.


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