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Photoshop Greatest Battle Photos Are Hilarious


Most people are unaware of how powerful Photoshop has become and the wondrous things that can be accomplished with it. Furthermore, this type of power could be used for nefarious purposes in the near future, especially when it comes to videos.

In the meantime, enjoy the below photos. Here are hilarious and nicely done examples of the power of Photoshop:

1. Alpaca judge

Photoshop fun alpaca

2. Avocado carving is the mirror

Photoshop fun avocado carving

3. Bear Bible Salesman

Photoshop fun bear bible

4. Roasted pigeon

Photoshop fun bird heater

5. Capybara pit stop

Photoshop fun capybara pit stop

6. Cute cat in tree stump

Photoshop fun cute cat in tree

7. Seal steals your girlfriend

Photoshop fun cute seal

8. DiCaprio be cold

Photoshop fun DiCaprio Titanic

9. Dog’s sky diving face

Photoshop fun dog face while sky diving

10. Dog hug

Photoshop fun dog hug

11. Donald Trump and Putin Shades of Grey

Photoshop fun Donald Trump and Putin

12. Fox smelling flower in Firefox

Photoshop fun fox smelling flower in Firefox

13. Charming Princess Leia frog

Photoshop fun Princess Leia frog

14. Gekko Guitar

Photoshop fun Gekko Guitar

15. George W Bush and Donald Tump’s Saudi connection

Photoshop fun George W Bush and Donald Tump's inauguration

16. Guilty leopard

Photoshop fun guilty leopard

17. Happy dog in a tiara and the wolf pack

Photoshop fun happy dog in a tiara and the wolf pack

18. Badass hawk

Photoshop fun fun hawk

19. Hugh Jackman leaves Logan in the car

Photoshop fun Hugh Jackman Logan

20. Jesus and dog walk on water

Photoshop fun Jesus and dog on water

21. Llama scream

Photoshop fun Llama scream

22. Masked dogs

Photoshop fun masked dogs

23. Obama Trump handshake

Photoshop fun Obama Trump handshake

24. Arsonist Quokka

Photoshop fun Quokka

25. Sloth ballerina

Photoshop fun sloth

26. Spartan sparrows

Photoshop fun Spartan sparrows

27. Super cat man

Photoshop fun super cat

28. The Persistence of Memory by Dali and the cat

Photoshop fun the persistence of memory by Dali cat

29. Tornado girl is angry

Photoshop fun tornado girl kites

30. Donald Trump loves his dinosaurs

Photoshop fun Donald Trump plays with dinosaurs

What were your favorite edits from this list? And what masterpieces have you made recently? Let us know in the comments.

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