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How a photographer went two years without money

Photographers like yours truly, those who prefer to do a whole variety of things instead of focusing on a single niche, have it pretty rough. It is really difficult to build and grow your business while wandering strange areas or trying out new experiences. Shantanu Starick is one photographer who has gone two whole years without money. Without making or spending a single cent. Check out his entertaining and inspiring talk:

Truly inspirational. His Pixel Trade initiative has let him travel to 5 continents and he aims to complete all 7 of them. During this time, he has met people and shared moments that most of us only dream of.

Admittedly, many of us already do this, though on a much smaller scale. I have lost count of the number of events and other photos I have shot for friends and loved ones, without charging them actual money. It just doesn’t feel right. Though I usually twist them to feed me for it. I have designer and marketer friends who would also refuse money for a small favor and instead, “bartering” a cup of coffee or a meal.

Getting rid of money completely may not be for all of us. I highly doubt my hosting company would accept pics of mountains or beautiful people to keep my servers running. However, we can gradually bring it into the fold.

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