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80s style portraits recreated

If you grew up in the 1980s, you might recall some peculiar things. Among them the strange fashion and photography. Thick ties, equally thick mustaches and polaroid cameras. These were just some of the things one would see. Photographs would have a saturated, sepia tone and the use of starlight filters was common.

Robbie Augspurger recreates that look, using old-style wardrobes and lighting. Check out some of his 80s style portraits:

80s style portrait coin tile

Big, dark sunglasses were common:
80s look Debra

80s portrait major dad

Here’s the starlight effect we were talking about. Combined with a montage:
80s style portrait Amuleto Roso

This topless business call pic is pretty strange, even by our standards:
80s Business call

The type of dress you’ll see women wearing in movies from the era:
Marnie 80s dress

Wonder Woman type mascots:
80s mascot

Star Wars era:
80s portrait Skywalker

80s Thor

Colorful backgrounds and halos:
Wampire from 1980s

Augspurger’s collection of vintage clothing alone is impressive. He uses friends and family for most of his work, instead of professional models. And he has become quite popular. A number of families express their interest in this look.

Do you have any vintage clothing lying around? Why not give this a try? Should be a lot of fun. via

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