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Top 10 photos of 2014 by TIME Magazine

6. Migrants on Italian navy ship

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers
Each year, thousands of Asian and African migrants use various means to try and reach the more prosperous and stable European nations. Many of these desperate migrants take great risks and often need to be rescued. This Italian Navy Ship plays a vital role in this operation and helps save countless lives. Captured by Massimo Sestini.

7. Drone attack on Gaza beach

A man carries a child as another lies dead after two explosions on a beach in Gaza.
Tyler Hicks had just returned from photographing the destructive overnight bombing by the Israelis when a drone bombed a shack near the sea. By the time he reached the spot and had his camera and protective gear ready, a second attack had killed the boys who ran out after the initial strike.

8. Helicopter rescue on Sinjar Mountains

Yazidi civilians Islamic State attack
The Yazidis have suffered greatly at the hands of the Islamic State. A rescue helicopter sent to carry many of the refugees to safety crashed soon after taking off from Mount Sinjar. Moises Saman was among the survivors of the crash and shot this photo on the second rescue copter.

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