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Rare photos from partition of India and Pakistan

It was the greatest mass migration in human history. In 1947, the Indian subcontinent gained independence after one and a half centuries of British rule. The resulting partition of India created the two countries of Pakistan and current-day India.

Refugees India Pakistan Partition 1947

Over a million people migrated across the newly created borders. Muslims towards Pakistan, Hindus and Sikhs towards India. Most left their ancestral homes with nothing more than what they could carry, arriving in their new home country as refugees.

Bullock carts India partition

Indian partition refugee camp

The human cost was enormous. It is estimated that between 200,000 to half a million people lost their lives in the aftermath. Many due to the massacres that followed, but also due to starvation, exhaustion and disease.

Partition of India Pakistan 1947

Partition of India dead 1947

These are just some of the images from the time that show the carnage, hardships and desperate conditions that the migrants faced.

Partition of India 1947 migrants food

Migrants of Partition of British India

Partition of India 1947 migrants famine

India partition train 1947

India Pakistan partition migration

Partition of India 1947 rare photos

Partition of India 1947 camp

Pakistan India 1947 migration

Old migrants India Pakistan 1947

Migration Pakistan India partition 1947

Migration Indian partition 1947

Migrants partition of India 1947

Migrants India Pakistan partition 1947

Indian refugees 1947

Indian partition refugees

Indian migration 1947

Partition of India trains

Whole trains that left one country, arrived in the other with nothing more than the bodies of massacred passengers.

India partition migrants

India partition 1947 sick woman

India partition 1947 refugees

India partition 1947 rare photos

India Pakistan partition migrants

India Pakistan migrant 1947

Feeding migrants partition of India

Carrying old woman partition of India

Bullock cart - partition of India 1947

After 67 years, the wounds of this epic journey have yet to heal and both countries are still embroiled in hostilities.

Some of the more disturbing images were excluded and the full collection can be found here.

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