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Amazing Lightning Shot by Kristjan Madalvee

Capturing lightning can be very tricky, as well as dangerous. A higher vantage point usually provides the best place to capture any image. However, in the case of thunderstorms, this increases the likelihood of being hit by a bolt.

Getting the exposure right is also a tough job. Too much and your foreground or background will burn out. Too little and all you will get are the lightning streaks. Then again, a single bright strike can blow out your whole photo.

Also, lightning is unpredictable. You could witness a stunning scene in a beautiful thunderstorm. But by the time your camera is ready, it has faded. If you are shooting multiple images, blending them together can be a hassle. Each bolt produces a different hue, throwing off your white balance.

That is what makes this lightning shot simply amazing:

Lightning shot captured by Kristjan Madalvee in Vergi Port, Estonia.
Captured by Kristjan Madalvee in Vergi Port, Estonia.

Click the image for a high resolution, 1600×1200 version.

The clarity and color tones are nicely done. And the sea is also well exposed. Love the work.

Keep a lookout on this site for a lightning photography guide. Hope to post one sometime soon. Via

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