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10 Mysterious Photos Yet To Be Explained

Long before Photoshop, photographers found ways of manipulating images through various lighting, film and darkroom techniques. There are countless mysterious photos circulating on the internet that claim to be authentic, but are easily confirmed to be fake. Some however, are decades old and after years of scrutiny by experts, remain unsolved and unexplained. Here are ten of these:

1. Time Traveler in 1940

This photo circulated on the Internet a few years back. It is a black and white photo from 1940 that shows a man wearing what appear to be modern sunglasses and attire.

Time traveler sunglasses

The most plausible explanation is that this type of clothes and sunglasses already existed when the photo was taken. However, they really do seem out of place.

2. The Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight satellite refers to a mysterious object that is said to orbit the earth. There have been numerous sightings, though it is possible they were all of different objects.

Black Knight satellite mysterious photos

There are numerous stories associated with it and theories range from it being a lost thermal blanket to an alien spaceship from thousands of years ago.

3. The Solway Firth Spaceman

The Solway Firth Spaceman was discovered in a photo of a little girl. Her father shot the photo and did not see anything unusual at the time. However, once the photo was developed, a figure of what appears to be a spaceman was visible.

Solway Firth spaceman

The photographer also reported being visited by strange government agents who interrogated him and then abandoned him at the site where the photo was taken.

4. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

This one is not really an unexplained photograph, but the events that surrounded it are very mysterious. In 1959, nine skiers were found dead in a pass in the mountains north of the Urals. Apparently, they had cut open their tent from the inside and fled. There was no sign of a struggle, yet two of the bodies had their skulls smashed in.

Dyatlov Pass Incident

To this day, the cause of their deaths and details of what had happened remain a mystery.

5. The S.S. Watertown Ghosts

The S.S. Watertown ghosts are said to be those of two sailors who were killed in an accident at sea. They received a sea burial and over the next few days, their faces were seen following the ship. This photo was captured by the ship’s captain and the two faces can be easily seen.

S.S. Watertown ghosts

6. Mysterious Photos of the Hessalden Light

The Hessdalen Light is a phenomenon sometimes witnessed in Norway’s Hessdalen valley. The photo below is one of the most famous and shows a strange streak of light.

Hessdalen Lights Norway

The light is suspected to be that of the moon in a long exposure star capture. Camera shake usually causes this type of eerie effect.

7. The Babushka Lady

The Babushka Lady was an unknown lady in a scarf, taking photos at the time of John F Kennedy’s assassination. Neither her, nor the photographs she took were ever found.

Babushka Lady JFK assassination

8. Hook Island Sea Monster

This sea monster was a creature spotted and photographed at Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, Australia by a family in the 1960s. It was said to be approximately 80 feet (24 meters) long and shaped like a giant tadpole.

Hook Island Queensland sea monster

9. Pyramid on the Moon

This photo from the last moon landing came out blank when first processed. However, after increasing the contrast, the clear outline of a pyramid became visible.

Pyramid on moon

Although there hasn’t been a concrete explanation, it could be an overexposed shot of some part of the lander or vehicle.

10. Freddy Jackson Ghost

Freddy Jackson was an air mechanic in the Royal Air Force and was killed in 1919 in a propellor accident. On the day of the funeral, this group photo was taken. It was later found to have Freddy’s face peaking towards the camera from behind one of the men.

Freddy Jackson ghost mysterious photos

The only explanation, besides it being Freddy’s ghost, was that it was common practice to include dead people’s images in such photos and the photographer must have done this. However, no such thing has ever been confirmed regarding this particular photo.

There you have it. Hope you are spooked now. Are there any weird photographs that you have taken of strange phenomenon that could be more than mere illusions or photographic mistakes?

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