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Panoramas gone wrong

Our über powerful phones have some nifty features for shooting photos or video. Many of these “consumer” features would likely be missing from high-end cameras.

Take the panorama mode for example. Just point and rotate and you have instant results. It also causes some interesting side-effects when used wrongly (or done on purpose).

Check out this collection of panorama shots gone wrong (or right, in some cases):

1. Compact version of the London bus

Squished London bus

2. Star of Evil Dead 2?

Freaky cut hand

3. G-forces stretch racecar

Expanding racecar panorama

4. Long arm of the braw?

Long arm punch

5. Interior photo panorama fail

Interior panorama fail

6. Interior panorama done right

Hotel room panorama

7. Topless picnic in the woods

Headless picnic horror

8. Hand head freak

Headless beach panorama

9. The Blob Girl

The blob girl

10. Antigravity sea shore

Rising sea shore

11. Rabbit Dog Hybrid

Rabbit dog hybrid

12. Hideous ogre in a park

Ogre in park

13. Melted dog

Melted dog

14. Gruesome dive

Body parts dive

15. Longest horse in the world

World's longest horse

16. Two legged cat

Two legged cat

17. Topless freak

Topless freak

18. Tiny cars panorama

Tiny cars panorama

19. Strangest Superhero

Superhero fall panorama


Sure, you could take multiple shots of the desired scene with your shiny DSLR. The resulting high resolution shots will be sharp and nicely exposed. Once you stitch them together, you will have an amazing panorama. However, achieving funny or horrible results like these just isn’t as easy as it is with phones.

Panorama Tip (applies to shooting with a camera or a phone): Shoot in a vertical, portrait mode. In landscape/horizontal mode, it is more difficult to align the frames accurately. More importantly, the output photo will come out really long and narrow.

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