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Alps Photo Shoot is Epic

Mammut Matterhorn night shot

Robert Bösch is a Swiss photographer who achieved something most of us will only talk about. The Matterhorn ridge was first ascended by Edward Whymper and his team in 1865. To mark the 150th anniversary of the ascent, Mammut sponsored a photo shoot in the Alps for their next year’s ad campaign.

These are just some of the pics from the shoot:

This is one of the most amazing polar panoramas (or panorama globes) that I have seen. Looks simple, but requires a lot of creative effort to do this nicely.
Robert Bösch polar panorama mountain photography
The photo shoot involved hundreds of climbers who wore identical red uniforms. Here they are in the shape of a world map.
World map Robert Bösch
For the main photo, the participants lit red torches to mark the path that Edward Whymper and his team took to reach the summit one and a half century ago.
Matterhorn Robert Bosch
Alps running
Must be some experience hanging off a ledge like this.
Hanging mountain climbers
Even their sleeping bags were the same type and color, allowing this epic photo.
Alps red sleeping bags
A little crowded at the top, don’t you think?
Mammut  Matterhorn shoot
Alps photo shoot
Besides requiring a creative eye and excellent photographic skills, the real challenge for such a shot is directing so many participants
Mountain photography Mammut
That is one long line. The suits must be really well insulated.
Alpine mountain photography
Would have liked to see more dusk/dawn, magic light shots. Or a few involving the Milky Way. Though both are very hard to achieve. Especially with so many people to coordinate with. Or maybe they have been overdone in recent years.

Mountaineers will be familiar with Mammut as a Swiss company specializing in quality mountain gear. This shoot will likely do more for them than any traditional advertising channels.


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