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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Photographers

Canon lens coffee mug

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start making that shopping list. It can be difficult to decide what gift to get someone who is passionate about a certain field.

Take photography, for example. Even if you are a photographer yourself, the decision can still be a tough one.

Here are my top 10 gift ideas that you can use for your photographer friends and loved ones. Especially useful for birthday gifts:

1. DSLR Lens Coffee Mug

Canon lens coffee mug gift ideas for photographers
Inexpensive, simple and lovely. Will be well received.
Available for $8.99 for the Canon version and $13.49 for the Nikon.

2. 2TB Portable USB Hard Drive

My Passport 2TB gray
One can never have enough storage so this portable hard disk drive would be super-appreciated. And prices have fallen lately. Also, for someone as creative as a photographer, make it something other than a typical black one.
Price: $117.95 for this 2TB gray model

3. MeFoto Travel Tripod

MeFoto red travel tripod
When people say tripods are obsolete, they obviously haven’t done any serious night or magic light photography. A good tripod will ensure sharp and excellent shots even in brightly lit places. It’s also a must for getting good HDR shots.
MeFoto offers some excellent tripods that are light, good-looking and inexpensive.
Price: $125

4. Nifty 50 Lens

Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II Nikon 50mm F/1.8G
Whatever the make, this is usually the least expensive lens available. 50mm is roughly equal to the focal length of the human eye and these lenses are easy to manufacture with a large aperture. Both Canon and Nikon have an F/1.8 that offers excellent value for money.
Price: $100.99 for the Canon and $216.95 for the Nikon

5. Lowepro Photo Hatchback camera bag

LowePro photo Hatchback 22L Blue
For those who love to get out a lot with all their kit, a good backpack is a must. This sporty bag can easily carry a DSLR, some of your lenses and accessories. It also has a laptop sleeve and a rain cover.
Price: $93.49 for the blue version

6. Digital Photo Frame with motion sensor

NIX 12 inch digital photo frame
You’ve got tons of amazing photos, but your family and friends have hardly seen any of them. Share the love with a digital photo frame. This 12 inch frame from NIX stores 4GB of pics and has a motion sensor to turn it on.
Price: $109.99 for the 12″ version

7. Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter

DJI Phantom aerial UAV drone quadcopter
This is one of my favorite gift ideas. And it’s not even something strictly photographers will love. Attach a GoPro to it and you can capture some extreme footage. Film sporting events or wildlife. Or try your hand at aerial photography. Just flying this thing is so much fun that it’s worth the price tag.
Price: $463.46

8. iPhone attachments

Olloclip telephoto and circular polarizer
Olloclip Telephoto Lens + Circular Polarizer for iPhone 5 and a FREE iPhone Tripod Holder
Being a photographer doesn’t necessarily mean that you carry around a big and heavy DSLR. Some amazing photos are captured by people with small point-and-shoot or even cellphone cameras. Check out these iPhone attachments.
Also includes a free iPhone tripod holder.
Price: $109.99

9. 32GB SanDisk SD storage

SanDisk 32GB SD
$31.45 for a 32GB SD card

10. Photography Trip

Angkor Wat infrared
Finally, we have something that most photographers would prefer over any of the above. An opportunity to shoot something beautiful. Depending on the type of photographer, this could be a couple of days spent in the slums of a city. Or it could also be a weekend out on otherwise dreary, snow-covered plains. This gift can easily be the most cost-effective or the most expensive one in this list.
(Image of Angkor Wat courtesy of The Indochina Project)

Do make sure they don’t already have the item. Off course, you can never have enough of some of these gifts (such as storage media and carry bags).

And some items come in a variety of configurations. A Canon EF-S lens would be useless to someone who only has a full-frame Canon, or worse, a Nikon. So choose wisely.

If you have any other gift ideas, please feel free to share.

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