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Introducing the Bublcam for full 360 degree capture

Bublcam 360 degree camera

Using spherical technology that has a connection to Google’s Street View, the Bublcam is an amazing product that lets you capture everything. And I mean “everything”. Nothing is left out of the picture.

Bublcam 360 degree camera

Thanks to a tetrahedral, 4-lens design, the Bublcam sees all. The four images or video streams can later be merged into a single one. 360 degree panoramas have never been this simple and breathtaking.

CEO and Founder Sean Ramsey is crowdfunding Bublcam through Kickstarter. With over a month to go, the project has already reached the target pledge of $100,000 CAD. In fact, it is at $172,793 CAD as of now.

Bublcam boat 360 degree photo

Those who back the project now will receive their cool new toy in May. The first few to pledge will be able to get the black version for $430, while the rest will pay $525, but get a choice of six different colors. The latter package includes a mini-tripod and a special t-shirt.

The best thing I like about this incredible device is that you can record a video and using the special software, pan around the streams to any angle. Check it out here:

Just picture this being hooked up to a virtual reality setup someday. Imagine experiencing being dropped out of an airplane, while remaining safely in your living room or some kind of VR chamber. It could work just well in the deep ocean or in a chamber of molten lava.

The possibilities are limitless. (via Engadget)

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