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French newspaper highlights importance of photography

Liberation newspaper without images

For the first time ever, French newspaper Libération has published without any images. Their November 14th edition consisted of text with empty spaces where the photographs would have been. They did this to demonstrate the importance of photographers and their craft.

French newspaper Liberation without images

As we are well aware, it is a difficult time for professional photographers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to carry on with business as usual.

Anyone and everyone with a DSLR now claims to be a pro and cellphones have also caused a surplus of available images to choose from.

Liberation newspaper without photos

The images weren’t completely removed though. These were provided as part of a supplement, without any of the text.

Liberation newspaper photograph supplement

It is important that the spirit of photography is kept alive. Those in this profession full-time should have everyone’s support and this is what Libération aimed to achieve with this move.


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