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Amazing photos of tribes and their endangered ways

Siberia Nenet tribe photo

Before They Pass Away is a project by photographer Jimmy Nelson who hopes to preserve something of tribal life. He spent three whole years traveling the world and documenting 35 different tribes.

These are some of the last remaining ones whose ancient lifestyle is on the brink of extinction. Their culture is already changing, as can be seen in some of the photos.

Here are just 10 out of the many photographs on the site. Beautifully done.

Ethiopia Mursi tribe photo

Ethiopia Karo tribe photo

Siberia Chukchi tribe photo

Siberia Nenet tribe photo

Argentina Gaucho tribe photo

Mongolia Tsaatan tribe photo

Mongolia Kazakh tribe pic

Mongolia Kazakh tribe plains photo

India Rabari tribe picture

Namibia Himba tribe photo

Namibia Himba tribe tree photo

Vanuatu fishing tribe photo

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