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Lasers ruin Canon 5D Mark III sensor

Canon 5D MkIII full frame sensor

Let this be a warning if you are anywhere around lasers. They can easily destroy the sensor on your super expensive camera. That's what happened to a Canon 5D Mark III in this video: The damage happens at around the 0:03 second mark, just when a laser rips through it. In

Boat and Ice

Ice and boat

There is something really special about this photo that caught my eye. Shot by Майк Рейфман, it combines the distant wilderness with our exploratory past. The sailboat is not something we see often these days. I'm unable to trace where this was taken. Such glaciers, right next to the sea, are

Elk physically harasses a photographer

This video was shot at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park's Cataloochee Valley. The photographer was shooting elk when a male became curious and started to mess with him. The elk started to rub his head on him in a threatening manner. There wasn't much the photographer could do for fear